Durango Mountain Resort

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Durango Mountain Resort

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Durango Mountain Resort is a mountain community that feels like home but is like no place you’ve ever been.

An endless backyard filled with exploration, relaxation and excitment. A destination where wildflowers grow thick as grass, trails lead off into the sunset and family members come to reunite. A central ground between the quintessential Colorado mountain town of Durango and the uniqueness of the Four Corners Region.

Whether you’re looking for heart pounding adventure or a relaxing vacation in the Rocky Mountains, once you’ve been to Durango Mountain Resort you’ll understand why so many visitors head to Southwest Colorado year after year.

The name Purgatory comes from a witty farmer who live in the area during the late 1800’s and adopted the moniker for a nearby creek, a tributary of the Rio de las Anima Perdidas (the River of Lost Souls), dubbed by Spanish explorers for a group who disappeared on the river during Durango’s early history.

About Our Mountain and Our Lifts

Purgatory is unique in that we have three distinct sections of the mountain, the front side, the middle, and the back side. Each section has green (beginner), blue (intermediate) and black (expert) runs. The front side has green, blue and black terrain, the middle is predominantly blue, and the back side is predominantly blue and black. Our lifts are listed below by number and name, along with their on-mountain location.

Front Side
Lift 1  Purgatory Village Express – High Speed 6-Passenger Express
Lift 2 Engineer (takes you from mid-mountain to the top of the frontside)
Lift 4 Twilight (can be loaded at midway location or from the base area)
Lift 6 Needles
Lift 10 Magic Carpet (in the base area next to Lift 4)

Lift 3  Hermosa Park Express – High Speed Quad

Back Side
Lift 5 Grizzly
Lift 8  Legends (can load at the bottom or mid-mountain*)

Columbine Beginner Area
Lift 7  The Graduate
Lift 9  Columbine